Ocean Freight

How do we work?

We closely work with some of the largest shipping lines in the world, which have the capacity to transport thousands of shipping containers anywhere in the world on a frequent basis.

  • Whether Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL) or conventional cargo, our ocean freight specialists are at your disposal around the clock to fulfil the requirements of all your transportation needs.
  • We have dedicated weekly services to many parts of the world and at very competitive rates.
  • Our staff pays total attention to every single shipment. We offer regular, reliable services and can deliver your goods to any port worldwide.
  • We have our own fleet of vehicles to deal with all pickup and handling at any UK ports of origin and destination and delivery at the point of receipt.
  • Our sea freight experts are specifically trained to handle your shipments throughout the complex arena of international trade.
  • The selection of the appropriate vessel, preparation of all shipping documents and settlement of all customs clearance formalities ensures perfectly coordinated management on all levels.
  • Our state-of-the-art web-based tracking and tracing system ensures visibility for your individual shipments throughout the entire transportation process.

Our Sea Freight Transport Services include:

Commercial Exports

If you have buyers for your goods in another country but need to save on costs, then we can help you with shipping options that will not reduce your profit margins.

We can find the most cost-effective and time-efficient shipping routes available to transport your goods safely to your overseas customer.

Personal Goods

When you are returning to another country after a holiday or a personal trip, you may want to take your household goods and other personal items with you. We can offer you a reliable shipping solution using Sea Freight for a very affordable rate.

Currently, we are operating a special weekly service from the UK to Africa for the cargo of any sizes and quantities.

  • We will collect the goods from any location in the UK, as well as provide the packaging material that you may need to protect your goods for safe and secure transportation.