Air Freight Secure & Reliable

All are fitted with modern security locks, safety cameras, communication systems, tracking systems and are driven by a two men crew for your peace of mind. We work in partnership with the world’s largest airlines, operating around the clock to provide Air Freight services all over the world, and carrying huge loads of cargo to every destination. We assure to handle all your shipments in accordance with your individual requirements and guarantee on-time delivery to any destination of your choice using our partner network of air freight services.

The areas we offer Air Freight Services:

We take care of all your Air Freight in Commercial Importing and Exporting and handles Excess Baggage shipping.

Commercial Importing

When you trade in goods, whether it’s clothing or electronics or other wares, you probably want to bring in some product samples first before parting with substantial payments for a larger shipment. However, as you may already have buyers arranged for your products, you need to make a decision quickly after inspecting the samples whether or not to proceed with the full order.

As an importer, you will benefit from using our Air Freight service as an option to import your samples into the UK. Air Freight is the preferred method of transportation in general for light imported goods and is also often used to transport sensitive or high-value cargo.

We are always available to offer hassle-free solutions to move your goods to your place of trade.

Commercial Exporting

We have understood that importing goods to your location is only part of business trading. If you need to ship goods to your buyer in another country by air, then  we’re able to obtain the most affordable rates for Air Freight services and can manage the complete process for you.